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First pigeon-fancier in Biograd have met in late 70's by Marin Bogdanic and in early 80's by Milan Deur, Davor Filipovic, Amarildo Lukic, Radomir Kadija, Denis Dijan and Nikola Jordan.

Our team has brought new lines pigeon-fancier and that are: Davor has brought from pigeon-fancier from Vojvodina called Stanko Ilic new line Boden pigeons and Milan Deur from dead Tomislav Sljivac from Osijek has brought Calen-lovate pigeons which have made very good results before.

Boden line
(Stanko Ilic)

Calen-lovatt line
(Tomislav Sljivac)

Lovatt line
(Vladimir Bunoza)

Pigeon-fancier from TC "Biograd" with those piegons were flying 10 till 15 years (Milan Deur was few times state champion and overall champion and in 1995. Croatian junior record-holder with result of 16 hours and 27 minutes.

Annual meeting HTS Biograd 2002. g.

In 2000. pigeon-fancier from TC "Biograd" went in England to bring new pigeons. That pigeon-fancier are Boris Franic, Ljubo Franic, Radomir Kadija and Zeljko Fajdetic and they also visited world champion Harry Shannon in North - Ireland - Belfast and bought original sample.

Shannon, Kadija

Rudic, Kadija & Shannon

Shannon tipplers

Shannon tipplers

Shannon tipplers

Shannon tipplers

That time they have also visited 2 pigeon-fancier in England - Brimingham, they are Colin Bristow and Pol Bowden. Boris Franic bought original samples of pigeons from Colin Bristow.

Kadija, Fajdetic,
Bristow & Franic and son

Franic and son, Fajdetic,
Bowden & Kadija

Boris Franic were flying has made Croatian junior record with mixed Shannon - Bristow in 2002. His pigeons flew 16 hours and 47 minutes and Shannon pigeons from dead Tomislav Sljivac from Osijek were flying first Croatian senior record 18 hours and 41 minutes in 2005. In 2006. Denis Dijan became senior champion and overall winner with Colin - Bristow pigeons.

In 2006. Amarildo Lukic and Radomir Kadija have visited pigeon-fancier Colin Bristow and Mike Champlin from England - Birmingham.

Kadija, Camplin & Lukic

Camplin's trophy

Lukic, Rudic & Champlin

Camplin tipplers

Kadija, Bristow & Lukic

Rudic, Lukic & Bristow

Bristow tipplers

Bristow tipplers

Mike Camplin is next year Amarildo Lukic has sent two pairs of original Jack Boden pigeons, all of the flight crew.

Whenever we went to England travel guide was Darko Rudic from Biograd who lives in England (Bridgend).

Year 2010. Radomir Kadija was with a friend Marinko Raic from Vukovar visited Anton Petrinovic in Reutlingen (Germany) and Shannon brought four females to enhance their home schools.

Raic, Petrinovic & Kadija

Petrinovic pigeons

Year 2011. Kadija Radomir and Marinko Radelic from Trogir goes to visit with Anton Petrinovic and members of the tippler club Biograd bring clean Camplin pigeons and a few new Shannon tipplers.

Petrinovic, Kadija i Radelic

Garden Petrinovic